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Information on the use of cookies

According to the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 8 May 2014, concerning “Identification of simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies”, Fartosrl.com, managed by Tuscan Biochemical Pharmaceuticals ( Farto Srl ) Cod. Fis. 06569640482 – Viale Alessandro Guidoni, 97 50127 – Florence (FI) and the sites linked to it, intends to inform the user of the following, stating that the information provided here must be understood as an attachment to the more general  privacy information  available to  this page .

General information about cookies

When you access the Fartosrl.com site  or use one of our services, our system or that of one of our partners may set or read cookies and / or other types of identifiers about the browser and / or the device you are using.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer of the person viewing a website for the purpose of recording certain information about the visit as well as creating a system to recognize the user even in subsequent moments. The device identifiers, on the other hand, are generated by collecting and processing certain information such as the IP address and / or the user agent (browser version, type and version of the operating system) or other features of the device, always for the purpose of reconnecting certain information to a specific user.

A website can set a cookie on the browser only if the preferences configured for the latter allow it. It is important to know that a browser can allow a specific website to access only and exclusively to the cookies set by it and not to those set by other websites: there is no risk for your privacy in this regard.

Practices relating to cookies and other similar technologies

Farto Srl  or its partners may use cookies or other types of identifiers for a number of reasons, including:

  • Offer access to restricted areas of the site and accessible upon authentication (in this case cookies are called “technical” and are used to maintain the browsing session and / or to facilitate subsequent accesses from the same device).
  • Keep track of user preferences while using the site and / or services incorporated in or connected to it.
  • Develop statistical analysis ( analytics ) about the use of the site and / or the services incorporated in it.
  • Conduct research to improve the content, products and services of Fartosrl.com  or its partners.

The Fartosrl.com website does NOT directly use any profiling cookies: the only cookies generated and managed directly by Fartosrl.com are the so-called technical cookies (which are used only and exclusively to correctly offer the services offered to the public) and, in an extremely limited way, analytics cookies (which are used to count the number of readings on the various pages of the site and / or for other statistical purposes). However, we inform users that profiling cookies may be generated through our pages by third parties (Ref. “Cookies of other companies”).

If you wish, you can prevent advertising and / or behavioral cookies from being stored on your computer using the service provided by Your Online Choiches website.

Cookies of other companies

Fartosrl.com integrates, within its pages, third-party services that could set and use its own cookies and / or similar technologies. The use of these cookies and similar technologies by these companies is governed by the privacy policies of these companies and not by this information as Farmaco Biochimico Toscano (Farto Srl) is totally alien to the management of these tools and to the processing of data from these. arising.

We provide below a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the partner companies that may use cookies while browsing the Fartosrl.com website:

In case of doubts or reports about the use of cookies, you can contact us on this page. 

Disable cookies

You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies or particular types of cookies (for example third-party cookies) or you can choose to be notified whenever a cookie is set inside your computer. It is important knowing that refusing all cookies may prevent you from using the services of the Fartosrl.com site. All these services, in fact, require cookies to work properly and, consequently, the possible blocking of cookies would make it impossible to use. Below is the instructions for the most popular browsers in order to carry out a customized configuration about cookies:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  1. clicca su “Strumenti” nella parte superiore della finestra del browser;
  2. seleziona “Opzioni Internet”;
  3. clicca sulla scheda “Privacy”;
  4. per attivare i cookies, il livello di Privacy deve essere impostato su “Medio” o al di sotto; impostando il livello di Privacy sopra il “Medio” l’utilizzo dei cookies verrà disattivato.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    1. click on “Tools” at the top of the browser window;
    2. select “Options”
    3. select the “Privacy” icon
    4. click on “Cookies”
    5. select or not “Accept cookies from sites” and “Accept third-party cookies”;
  • Google Chrome
    1. click the menu icon
    2. select “Settings”
    3. at the bottom of the page
    4. select “Show advanced settings”
    5. in the “Privacy” section
    6. select “Content settings”
    7. select or not “Prevent sites from setting data” .
  • Apple Safari
    1. click on the “Safari” label at the top of the browser window
    2. select the “Preferences” option
    3. click on “Privacy”
    4. set your choice under “Cookies and website data”.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide you with an equally fast method for deleting third-party cookies because, technically, this is only possible using the special browser cleaning features.